The Vibration of a People Pleaser and how to heal it (Aaron’s Kitchen)

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Welcome back to another episode on Aaron’s Kitchen. Today we’re gonna be in the high, vibrational vortex of Sedona, Arizona. And I’m gonna be cooking for you and showing you, the ingredients that go into what we call a people pleaser. A people pleaser is somebody that’s going to please you or please somebody else, at the expense of their own values and at the expense of themselves. So very common, this is what happens. Now while we’re talking about this, I’m on right now looking this up. It says, that the vibration of approval seeking and somebody becoming a people pleaser needs one part seeking of validation. So this is very interesting. Now the thing that I think is so interesting about this is that when we want validation from other people, one thing we’re willing to do is we’re willing to do anything we can to get it.

So in order for us to have this though, we need some type of childhood trauma. Without this childhood trauma, we really wouldn’t be seeking something that is outside of ourselves so much. So a lot of times this is what happens. Now, I’m just reading the recipe book here. And what it says is that in order for us to have some type of validation seeking behavior, we need to not feel internally validated ourselves. So what we do is we have this that stems from some childhood trauma. So let’s say we have some bitter childhood trauma. Let’s say what happens is we have our parents and maybe one of them doesn’t really approve of us. Maybe we are afraid that one of our parents is going to abandon us. And if they’re going to abandon us then we decide that we have to be a certain way, or we have to not be a certain way in order to not be abandoned, to not lose their love.

Now, even if it wasn’t a physical abandonment this is the crazy thing. It could have been emotional. It could be some type of a, one of your parents is emotionally not there. You’re wondering where the hell did they go? And what happens is you’re like, well, maybe just maybe if I am a little bit different than I can gain their love and approval, then they’re going to love me more. They won’t leave me. That is why one of the most important ingredients of that of a people pleaser is a feeling of not worthiness. So let’s say we just put a little bit of that worthiness in here. Now this is a little bit ironic because I actually really like lemon water and lemon water is delicious, but it’s bitter, I don’t know. This is what says. Now there is a, another aspect of being a people pleaser. It’s very important to understand.

And when it has to do with is realizing that at the expense of yourself, your own values, how you feel about yourself, you’re willing to give that up in exchange for validation, for approval and for a feeling of worthiness. The problem is this, what happens is when we have this perspective, that happiness or that seeking or that validation is outside of ourselves, we’re going to seek it. And when we seek it, it then becomes a drug. You guys want to know a good example of this? My YouTube channel. When I first started on YouTube, I was making videos every single day. I was getting a lot of, honestly I was getting a lot of like validation from other people paying attention to my videos. What would happen is people would watch my videos and I would start to feel like, “Oh I’m really doing something great in the world. I’m helping people wake up to more of who they are.” And part of me was like, “Oh, a lot of people are paying attention.” And back in the day, when I went through my awakening one thing that happened is a lot of people didn’t understand what I was going through.

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