The Vibration Of Cannabis And Why I Quit (not what you think)

This is the vibe of cannabis and what why I quit . This one meditation will break you OUT of FEELING STUCK in Low Vibration and will HELP YOU Raise Your Dominant Vibration PERMANENTLY: ➡

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Our natural state of being is to feel high all of the time. Now what happens is if we are using certain substances, and especially, if we are overusing them, then what happens is we are tuning ourselves to a lower octave of where we’re naturally supposed to feel.

And we become used to that. And then we think we’re feeling high when in actuality we’re feeling only a fraction of what’s possible. But we, in a way, get stuck in that level because it has become familiar.

So in this video, I wanna show you the true vibration of cannabis. I want to show you how many times it can keep us trapped at a certain level. And show you my story around this. How I used to do this all day, every day, back in 2012. Why I stopped doing it and how when I stopped doing it, my whole entire life changed. And my natural vibration went up to where I felt high all of the time using nothing. I believe that’s possible for you.

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