The Vibration of Controlling life and how to break FREE (once and for all)

Resistance comes when you’re trying to control too much in your life. The key is to live in alignment and break free by doing this.

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Most of you guys watching this video are badasses, and this was one option for you. You coulda came into life, you coulda had some easy, flowing thing where you didn’t really have to question things too much. Most of us, though, this is what we decided. I’m at this bike trail right now. There’s a more difficult bike path this way, there’s another difficult one that way, and then there’s an easy one this way. Now, the thing that happened is what most of us did is most of us took a more initially difficult path because that led to us becoming more aware of who we are. And the thing is, is that was part of the process and something that we wanted to discover, going through our life situation. Was going through different things where we’d go on the path that we chose, but kinda what happened is we forgot that we chose to go down some path because even though we couldn’t see all the different twists and all the different turns, what happened is we knew that going in, we’d forget who we are.

That’s what makes part of this life experience challenging. Is that we chose a difficult path and we forgot that we actually chose that because of the growth that would come from it. Now, there’s a lot of pain that comes when we’re in our life experience and we don’t necessarily know which route the path is going. We might not know and one of the reasons is because we chose not to know. We chose not to know all of it, but there is something very important I wanted to share with you. And that is imagine that at this bike trail place that I’m at right now, over there there’s this peak. And imagine that over there, you could look down and see all the different paths, and the only part that really becomes difficult is that we believe that we need to know every little twist and turn.

And the reason that’s there and that fear is there, is because we’re not trusting our higher selves. We’re not trusting the larger aspect of us. We’ve learned to just trust the little ego us that’s in the valley that’s on the path that’s a little bit confused. Like there’s this twist there’s this turn, this one says more difficult, what about this? What about that? And energetically, at the top of the hill, there’s our higher self and our higher self is looking down, and is like, “Yo, it’s okay, just trust, just trust.” There’s another metaphor of this. We did plant medicine yesterday, just to be completely honest with you guys. And when I did, I had this realization. I was talking to a friend and we were talking about both of us, we have this need to control different aspects of our life, you know? I think one thing that I do in my life is that the way that I try to control my life is I control my business because it’s the one thing. Controlling different aspects of my business. But there’s a lot of challenges to that. For example, now, I feel like I have to do everything. And one of the problems was is that if I have to do every of the business because I do it to the best way, that’s the ego, then I’m not actually able to make videos as easily and as fluidly.

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