The Vibration of Trusting the Universe (and NOT controlling it)

Trying to control reality is creating anxiety and is blocking what you want. This is the vibration of TRUSTING the universe and will make your life SO much easier.

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After trying to control a lot of things in my life and realizing the state of consciousness it was putting me in, I learned that trying to control everything isn’t the way to achieve success or alignment. As a recovering control freak myself, I would try and control the process and outcomes of almost everything in life. Those of you that can relate to this, also know that being this way often attracts anxiety, unnecessary resistance and friction between you, your actions and your manifestations.

The key to healing the “control freak” within yourself is to realize that the mechanism of needing to control comes from childhood experiences. We make decisions based off affirmations we receive in our reality. Say for example, if as a child, someone faced abandonment issues or trauma from parent(s), that will become a trigger to an adulthood pattern. The need to control things in adulthood can easily be tied back to the need to feel certainty and safety. Once you realize this, you can make the choice to heal, let go more and trust the universe.

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Create Wealth by Reigniting Your Imagination

Most of us don’t consider ourselves imaginative. But many times we have merely forgotten how. At a young age when you wanted a doll, you would tear a picture of it from a catalog and stare at it day in and day out; or go to the bike shop every day and peer through the window, imagining in every detail how it would actually feel to ride it.

The Six Basic Fears – Part 1 (Poverty)

There can be no compromise between poverty and riches! The two roads that lead to poverty and riches travel in opposite directions. If you want riches, you must refuse to accept any circumstance that leads toward Poverty.

Visualization Tips – How to Attract Faster

Here are tips on how to do this. The first thing is to wake up in a state of GRATITUDE, from the moment you are still in bed., as you are waking up for a new day. Observe your bedroom, and start giving thanks to God (or Creator, Source, Universe,..). Then look at your body: Can you walk? Do you have your hands? Are you generally healthy? Do you have your senses working well? Do you have a nice family? Do you live in a nice home? Do you have a car? Do you life in an apartment? neighborhood? Give thanks for anything you have in your favor. Then CLEAR your MIND.

Pathway to Prosperity – Finding the Right People to Guide You Along the Prosperous Road

There is a lot of hype out there when it comes to living a financially prosperous life – both on and off the internet. We need to be careful when choosing the people we wish to emulate on our pathway to prosperity. Doing our research and carefully vetting those we choose to put faith in is extremely important. When deciding where to build our knowledge base, it’s critical that our guides walk their walk and talk their talk.

Meditation For the Prosperity and Happiness

But don’t think it’s a magic or like Aladdin’s lamp that can make you rich or get anything desired instantly. You have to meditate twice a day for a period of 20-30 minutes each time.

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