The Vibrational Making of a Narcissist (and the Antidote)

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In this video, I’m gonna show you the ingredients that go into the making of a narcissist, plus I’m gonna be sharing with you the antidote to help you not attract narcissists into your life. And also to help you understand a narcissist so that honestly, you can have a little bit more compassion for why they are the way they are. And then also how to give a narcissist what they need which is something that’s probably not what you think. So, in this episode of the Vortex kitchen. I don’t know what we’re going to call it. Call it Aaron’s kitchen for now, okay. That sounds narcissistic to be using my own name but here we go. So this series is all about understanding the vibrational makeup that goes into the energy of different facets of our reality. And one of the facets are narcissists. Now, my guess is that if you’re watching this video you’ve probably found yourself attracting narcissists into your life. And many of you may know my story but I’m somebody that has attracted narcissists into my life because between the ages of seven to 15 years old, my dad was married to my step-mom which is a total narcissist.

And she was controlling, manipulative. My brother and I had zero freedom. We used to have to sneak to the other side of the house to get enough food to eat. We weren’t allowed to go to on going school activities. We weren’t allowed to have friends, watch TV, any of that. But basically what happened is from that period of our life we had to pretty much ping off of our ex step-mom to understand how she thought because in order for us to get what we wanted we had to kind of know how she worked. For example, if we really wanted to go to that of a school activity we would have to pretend that we didn’t want to go to it. And if we pretended like we didn’t want to go to it what she would then do is she’d say, “Oh you think you’re getting out of that band.” I’d be like, you know, “I didn’t really practice for band. I don’t really wanna go to that band tournament.” Even though I really did. And she’d go, “You know what, you didn’t practice that’s your fault, you’re going.” But if she knew I wanted to go and I was like, “Oh I wanna go to this band camp.” She said, “You think you’re going? You didn’t do XYZ.” Some chore or something like that.

Even though, we didn’t really have any privileges. But the interesting thing was from that I got to learn how she worked and how she thought. And even though my dad divorced her when I was 15 years old I then attracted other narcissists into my life. One was a manager at Nordstrom’s. One was an ex-girlfriend or two were an ex-girlfriends. And I found like why I attract this into my life? And until I share, until I realized what I share with you in this episode, it didn’t change. So I’m gonna share with you the antidote. What you can literally take that will change everything for you in this process. Now, one of the first things to understand about narcissists is one of the first things they need is they need a childhood experience where they wire in a belief that says I’m not worthy. So this is what a narcissist needs now. And, ironically enough, what this also means is that the empath or somebody that’s a victim of narcissism also has the belief that says I’m not worthy. So already we have a little bit more in common than we priorly thought. So the belief says I’m not worthy. I’m not enough. And then what happens is in order to get the needs met, the narcissist what they do is what they want is in order for them to be worthy what they want is they want attention. And that attention to them is feeding their own frame.

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