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00:00 Intro
01:46 The One Thing
03:04 Your Identity is flexible
05:37 The One Thing to transform your self image
08:09 Awareness is the key to transformation
09:17 Be your own source of validation
11:19 The One Thing that will change your identity
13:37 Feed your beliefs by doing research
17:12 Learning how to subtract things from your life
20:49 The fear of letting go of the known
22:35 Make the choice to find what’s your “One Thing”
24:24 How you do one thing is how you do everything
25:38 What’s the ONE THING for you?

What if there was one secret that is the key to you manifesting your dream life, to you shifting into a new version of yourself to bring in more, love, more joy, more success, more abundance than ever before?

When I look and I recently did this, I went through all of not only my past videos, but I was going through and looking through what is the thing that changed my life the most over the last three to four years, because in three to four years, there’s a huge difference in contrast between the person that I was back in 2017, working in nine to five jobs on woman’s shoes to the person that I am now.

The vibrational difference is very dramatic. It’s completely different. One, I felt like I had no choice. I felt like I had to go to a job I wasn’t passionate about. I was living at my dad’s
house and then the other one which is right now, I am living my dream life, doing what I love, living in more abundance than I ever thought possible, and it’s something that I can clearly see that it was one thing that made all the difference in the world.

And just inside of everything, I’m going through my life right now too, I’m going through a
process of subtracting. I am subtracting things from my life that are taking me either off my path or that do not contribute towards my own manifestation or my goals or whatever it is.

And the one thing that I wanna share with you that will also help your make your manifestations so much easier is understanding that really this comes down to one thing. And now you’re thinking to yourself, Aaron, okay, I get it just tell me the one thing what is the one thing?

The one thing is literally the one thing. It is the one thing. The one thing is the key to
manifesting your dream reality. Now you might say, Aaron what do you mean by this? It sounds like you’re talking to Cryptic Code right now.

So the one thing is I’ve realized that it has been one main area of focus that has gained a momentum that is then allowed me to create a bridge from the reality that I’m in to the reality that I desire to be in. So back in 2017 I learned, or I started to make daily videos on YouTube.

It was one thing. I focus on one thing which then began to develop momentum. And that one thing by the way, also changed my sense of identity. Remember, we don’t always get in life that which we want because what we want, we lack. If we want it we’re saying we don’t have it. But we always get in life a reflection of who we are. Our reality as a reflection of who we are being.

Now the interesting thing is that our identity is completely flexible. We’ve decided at a certain point in our past that I am this XYZ type of way. When I was in high school, before sophomore year in high school, I literally thought that I was not smart. I thought that it was dumb. And because of that, guess what my average grade point was, I got a C or a D in most classes. At one moment, it was literally a moment, I was in an English class and the teacher gave back some test results and I scored higher than all the other kids and she told me this, she’s like you actually did really well. I got like a 92 or something. She’s like everybody else got like a C.

All of a sudden, I started to think of myself as smart. From that point going forward school was easy. I became “smart.” All that happened was my identity shifted. And it’s funny.
Sometimes when I talk about these things that shift identity I think that there’s certain also patterns that maybe our parents went through that we tend to go through at similar phases of our own life sometimes when the energy is unconscious.

I know that when I was 29, when my dad was 29 years old, he went full time as a firefighter. That was his passion. Before that he was working at Circus Circus in Vegas making like 15 bucks an hour which back in the 90s was like making like 30, 40 bucks an hour now.

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