This Subconscious Belief BLOCKS Money MANIFESTATION (GET RID OF IT!)

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Learn the Secrets to Manifesting Mind Power, Abundance and Prosperity

The current phenomenon of successful vampire themes in books, television and films, is amazing. A lot of mind power goes into the vampires being “good guys” who don’t bite humans. Their psychic powers enable them to blend into society, manifest abundance and prosperity, and exert their mind control over innocent humanity. (And all we humans get is a Staples EASY button. Ha).

Defining Prosperity: Is That Really Prosperity or Just Plain Lazy?!

My prosperity partner wrote an article “Defining Prosperity for Myself,” and now I’m writing the opposing view “Defining Prosperity – Is That Really Prosperity or Just Plain Lazy” … In the article she writes “I have learned over the past year that prosperity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I have a goal of having a five million dollar…”

Guiding Your Thoughts To Attract Easy Wealth And Abundance

By now I’m sure you’re aware of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and that the thoughts you hold in your mind actually create the world around you. This ‘Law’ has generally been accepted by mystics and religious leaders for quite some time now, consider the following quote from Buddha for example:

Gratitude or Abundance – Which Comes First?

Being grateful for abundance before we experience it may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but it’s really all about realizing what we already have.

3 Tips to Get Your Money Act Together

The key to financial success isn’t what you’ve been told. Although “spend less, save more” sounds like good advice, the secret to having the money you want requires a change in your thoughts before anything else works.

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