What all Empaths and People Pleasers NEED to hear to heal

If you are an empath or people pleaser and constantly attract the same patterns into your life, it’s time for you to hear this to heal…

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If you are an empath or a people pleaser, you might be finding yourself attracting the same types of people and patterns into your life. This is usually because an empath or people pleaser often lacks their own frame and sense of self. By having heightened sensibility toward others and being too afraid to step into the individual frame, empaths and people pleasers are highly susceptible to attracting narcissists, people with strong frames or similar patters that reflect a lack of sense of self. I realized this in my own life when I was in a similar pattern of consistently attracting narcissists into my life. I was giving up my sense of self in order to chase some type of connection to someone or to please someone other than myself.

Being an empath means that your sensibility toward how people feel is heightened and you are more inclined to care about people, feelings and situations more than others. I learned that a lot of times, empathic people and people pleasers are afraid to be boldly themselves because of the fear of being rejected, and fear of being alone. The key to healing lies in being aware of the core wounds that created the frame for certain beliefs and patterns.

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