What I REALLY Think About The Law of Attraction

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I’m just gonna be honest and share the way that I view the law of attraction now versus how I viewed the law of attraction back in 2017 when I was making daily videos on it. Now first off, back in 2017 I started to make daily videos. The channel, the YouTube channel, did not start as a law of attraction channel, it started just as me sharing the ideas I was working with and the ideas I was learning. And years prior to that, I saw the movie “The Secret,” my mom made me watch it. Didn’t wanna watch it, watched it and I was like, there’s something about this that just resonates. And then what happened is I started to apply those ideas at a nine-to-five job I had where I was selling women’s shoes and every day I went in, it was commissioned and I started at zero. So I would be able to see every single day, the kind of response that I would get, whether I had fun energy, whether I was serious about my goals, whether I had a certain goal, whether my intention was adding value, connecting with other people, I would be able to see the difference between the energy dynamic I had and the kind of results that I got.

And I learned a lot in that process. So I would share those on my YouTube channel and after making videos daily for about a year, I became coined as a Law of Attraction YouTuber. I would go out, I’d hear that or see that on social media a lot, I’d go do live events and people would kind of refer to me as that. And it didn’t really bother me or anything but you may have noticed that on my YouTube channel, it’s probably been six months to a year since I’ve even made a Law of Attraction video. Now, I guess you could say that some videos I make have a Law of Attraction type spin or I’m talking about attracting love and not chasing, I’m more interested now in the energy dynamics of things than I am just the stereotypical law of attraction things that I used to teach.

Now, I wanna share with you in this video the way that I view the law of attraction now and how it’s kind of evolved. And I wanna do that because one of the reasons, I wanna be honest with you guys, one of the reasons I haven’t made law of attraction videos as much is because I think that what most people need to hear is not what maybe they’ve been hearing for a long time. Because back in 2017, when I was working that nine-to-five job, I was studying and just focused on thoughts, I was focused on thinking. And I would focus on thinking better thoughts and I would sit on my couch and I would think and visualize what I wanted to experience, I would visualize me traveling the world or doing live events or me on YouTube and me working from home and not having to have some nine to five job that I didn’t enjoy. And I would visualize it and I would imagine it.

But for some reason I just felt blocked. I wouldn’t actually take action. I stayed there and I stayed there for like eight months, just thinking and thinking and thinking. And to be honest with you guys, the thing that really triggered me from going to creating my dream life from going from a nine to five job of doing what I didn’t enjoy, to me actually living my purpose, making videos, traveling the world, living a life of abundance, the key that made the difference wasn’t just the thoughts. It was changing my inner vibration. And it was changing my outer vibration, it was me taking action. And I know many people don’t like to hear that but when you’re doing what you’re passionate about, action is not hard to do. When you’re doing what you’re passionate about, you don’t mind even having to learn aspects that maybe you never thought you had to learn.

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