What it REALLY took to Manifest my Dream Life (PLUS NEW House Tour!)

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In this video, I wanna share with you two things. First off, I’m gonna give you a house tour of the new house that I just got in Sedona, Arizona. But secondly, I wanna give you an honest look at what it’s taken to manifest my dream life not just with the esoteric kind of woo woo visualization type techniques, but really be brutally honest with you with what it took to get to this space. Now, first off, I just wanna share with you a little bit of the view here. One of the main perks of living here in Sedona is this these views of these red rocks. So first off, let me show you a little bit. I’ve literally moved into this house like two three days ago, it took a month. I bought this house back about a month and a half ago. And what I did is I put three to four weeks of remodeling into it. And it is honestly a completely different house than the way that I bought it. And I was in Vegas and now I moved pretty much most of my stuff here. I still have a couple pieces of furniture come in and stuff like that. But I wanna show you guys, you look at these views, wow.

It’s still settling in for me, you know. If you look out here, you can kind of see the views. There’s some trees there, but then over there, you see some as well. And yeah, this is just this house to me. It is just so special. And I wanna show you guys give you guys a little bit of a tour and then we’ll get into some of the exactly, like kind of a, what it really has taken to create my dream life. So, first off, over here, you’ll see, this is the entryway when you come into the front door and that painting was something very special to me it just kind of represents community, kind of represents like a tribe and stuff like that. I thought it was so cool. So I put that there. And then this was in my Vegas house that I just moved out of. This is the angel wings and it kind of clears people as they come in. Now, what you’ll see is, as you are coming through this is the living room right here. That’s my haupe section. It’s like ceremonial tobacco. I had the TV hung up over here. I have more plants coming, nurturing some of the plants that I had, cause it was here at the house for three weeks and his outside getting too hot.

This is the house though. You’ll see. It’s very open floor plan. And I have, I love the dining room. This house looks so different before I wish you guys could have saw it. So one of my favorite things right here this is this granite that is like my favorite thing of the whole house because it’s green. It wasn’t here before. So if I turn this on, look at this brand right here. I look at all of the textures in it. It’s not the cleanest I got saved there but I love the colors in here. This were all like wood before. It was like an old wood but now it’s like much more, looks much more modern. I’m sure the views over here. Kind of actually over here. That’s more views over here you can kind of see and some of the trees or in the way, but you know we love trees and then let’s go is one of my favorite things about this whole house is I got this fridge this fridge right here, my buddy of mine had this fridge in his house. And I was like, this is so Epic. So it’s above a beverage fridge right there. And it’s probably the thing I’m most excited about. It feels like I’m at a grocery store to go grab my, my kombucha or something. So come over here? And then right over here, we have the office.

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