Why being a Control Freak in 2021 will NOT fly (and how to heal it)

I used to be a control freak myself and as we go into 2021, being extremely controlling will not work out anymore. In 2021, it’s more about letting go and being in divine flow.

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If you’ve ever considered yourself a control freak or feel overwhelmed with many aspects of your personal and business life… it’s time to let that go. Many people who consider themselves “control freaks” actually just have a hard time letting go and trusting the universe. Of course it doesn’t mean to do absolutely nothing and sit on a couch all day watching television. It means creating a hybrid balance between flow, your personal actions and where you focus your energy.

In 2021, trying to be overly controlling and operating from the ego will not fly. That is because the energy of 2021 is more about alignment, divine flow and making room for new energy/ systems. Keeping old habits in place this year will likely cause a lot of tension, stress or feelings of confusion. One of the biggest epiphanies for 2021 has a lot to do with letting go of the old. When you are a control freak, you’re trusting less and trying to do more which is what causes more friction between you and your manifestations.

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