WORK ETHIC – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

WORK ETHIC – Best Motivational Speech for 2021

Eric Thomas
Les Brown
Greg Plitt
Tom Bilyeu
Jim Carrey
Nelson Mandela

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Law of Attraction – Wealth Manifestation

A simple practice to get yourself started with using the law of attraction for wealth is to imagine yourself attracting money. Act as though you are a millionaire; tell yourself that you are rich.

Insights on Abundance – Why Surrender is One of the Best Paths to Abundance

How do you feel about surrender? Do you think it’s an indication of failure? Do you resist “giving up”? Reading this article will give you a new perspective on one powerful path to Abundance.

Planning Your Power Trip For Prosperity and Abundance

I just can’t imagine that my life poses any significant challenge to the all knowing, all powerful benevolent higher power orchestrating this entire universe. I trust that if I am able to get clear about what I want and ask for it in no uncertain terms that “this or something better” will show up in my life. The Universe/God wants me to have my hearts desires including prosperity and abundance.

Using the Law of Attraction to Make Money

For those of us who are well-versed on the law of attraction and who use it to live the lives we have always wanted, it seems the most difficult thing to do is using the law of attraction to make money. Perhaps it is because money carries with it such weight and we as a society have placed so much importance on money. Basically, money = freedom in this world. Using the law of attraction to make money means we will be able to do almost anything; we can travel wherever we want, buy anything we want, live anywhere we want, and participate in events and activities that are exclusively for those with money. Not using the law of attraction to make money means we can do very little, and we have the added stress and worry that comes with bills, expenses, and debt. I will show you how, with a few simple steps, using the law of attraction to make money is not only doable, it is also easy.

Release Your Flow of Abundance – A Metaphor

Once upon a time there was a large river. The river had flowed down a large valley for nearly ten thousand years. It had been there since the last ice age.

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