Your love attachment style is blocking love (what’s yours?)

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The three types of love attachment styles that I go over in this video are anxious, avoidant and secure and how to transform yourself . Based on that attachment, we actually attract people in our lives. The attachment that we have is a direct reflection of the energy we emit and what type of people we vibrationally match and attract to. After reading the book “Attached”, I realized why I am the way I am, and why I was attracting certain people into my life with the attachment style that I had.

When we’re a child, we go into phases of dependency based on the love we received or didn’t receive growing up. Based on that unhealed child, growing up it becomes an identity subconsciously and a part of your energy that you emit. Each one of these styles is formed based on the childhood relationship with love. The first style that I talk about is anxious style. This can be a result of emotional inconsistency as a child and constantly craving love and attachment. The lack of love is what results in anxious style. Anxious people will really want to give that love but also want constant reassurance, craves love and craves nurturing because it may have been missing growing up.

The second style I talk about is avoidant. Avoidant pushes away and wants space. Many times the avoidant didn’t have stable childhood love and maybe lost trust in feeling safe from a parents actions or betrayal. Because of this, they may fear intimacy or feeling close. Anxious and avoidants usually attract to each other also because of the familiar feelings they emit from their childhood and search for that within each other. Secure is the third style who gives and receives love in a consistent way. This is a resemblance of an exchange of love from parents in childhood and embeds a secure love style.

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