3 Red Pill Truths on Attracting Love (i am scared to share)

Wake up to the truths about attracting love with the 3 red pill truths… Listen to the Most Powerful Meditation for Attracting a Relationship (Attract Love Meditation) here: ➡ https://youtu.be/urLm5MfM1Tw

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If you are trying to attract or understand attracting love- you have to take the red pill to know the real truths. You see, taking the blue pill is merely accepting the comfort zone and present belief system that you have about love. It’s choosing to believe something that isn’t fully true for the sake of being comfortable and afraid of change. Taking the red pill about attracting love opens up a whole new way of perceiving your experiences and challenges your beliefs.

By understanding the real truth behind attracting love, you allow yourself to explore dynamics from your childhood or experiences with others that you may’ve never noticed. Attracting love and realizing how you’ve been perceiving it will transform the way you show up in the world and how you interpret your experiences in reality. The blue pill is comfortable, but the red pill is the true awakening and guidance toward the answers that you’ve been asking for.

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