3 Shadow Wounds of Having Brothers and Sisters (and you don’t even know it)

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The trees behind me that you see they’re casting a shadow and in its environment as you look around right now, the shade that I’m in is a reflection of the tree. Now what happens is we all have a shadow in unconscious part of ourselves. And as we go out into the world what happens is we are projecting that shadow onto other people, onto our environment and until we become aware of the shadow, it will run many different layers of our life. Now, in this video, I wanna show you three shadow wounds that come from being a sibling. So if you have brothers or sisters, if you’re one of many kids, you will be able to see through this video how that may have affected you, how that may be showing up in the world. Maybe you’re holding yourself back from being your true self, maybe you felt jealous of other the siblings that you have, maybe you felt like you were unworthy of different siblings who have got treated differently. Well, in this video I’m gonna be showing you the three major shadow wounds that I’ve noticed in my own life and that I notice a lot of people experience and I’m gonna show you how to heal them. So if you’re a sibling then this video is for you.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now on this video I wanna share with you those three shadow wounds that I’ve noticed in my own life. Right now I’m actually in Costa Rica. I just got done doing three days of plant medicine. So today or these last two days, I’ve done two days of something called Ayahuasca and then one day of what’s called Wachuma or San Pedro. And these plant medicines what they do is they bring up things in the subconscious that you were priorly unaware of. And every time I do it, every year normally I’ll come to Costa Rica where it’s legal and I do it. And it is always so transformative. This last six months, what I’ve been working with and is really going into my own shadow and a lot of that has been me becoming aware of different dynamics between me and my parents. I think that our relationship with our mom and our relationship with our dad is the first relationship that we have.

And what happens is because of that relationship, the beliefs, the stories that come from that dynamic. So if you had a parent that is really strict on you and then you may have felt like, you couldn’t just be yourself or that you had to be a certain way to be loved or maybe you we’ll talk about that in a minute the whole, the sibling part of this because a lot of times what happens is through the way that we’re treated and through the way our siblings are treated, we’re then making stories about who we are and how we relate to other people and these stories or these beliefs then remain on autopilot until we become aware of them. So what I became aware of in this ceremony is very powerful. So for the last couple of months now I have an amazing mom who also went through a lot of stuff growing up. And in a way, this trickle down effect happened within kind of like my family line, I guess you could say. And basically what happened is for those of you that don’t know my story, from 7 to 16 years old I had an abusive ex step-mom in my life who was very controlling, very manipulative. During that time, my brother and I weren’t allowed to see our real mom. Anytime we’d go to her house, my mom’s house we’d come back, we’d immediately get in trouble, we’d get in trouble for random stupid stuff.

And we got primed into believing or thinking that, hey, if we go to my mom’s house we get in trouble. So why go over there? And then we were eventually kind of brainwashed to also not see your mom in the best light. And a lot of stuff wasn’t true or it was exaggerated. And it was, yeah, that was that period of time but before that, I used to always think that I have a feminine wound and I’m almost afraid of getting into relationships or afraid of commitment because I’m secretly afraid that I’m gonna attract somebody like my ex step-mom that’s gonna try to control me. So that was like an old shadow thing in of itself. I had to change my perception of my beliefs about women. And after 16, 17 came around when my dad divorced my ex step-mom, I then had all this freedom. But I kept attracting women into my life that wanted to control me because somehow I felt safe under that control. That was, the payoff I was getting by attracting people that were trying to control me.

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