3 Signs The Great Awakening Timeline Split Has Begun

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I’m gonna be showing you the three signs that the Great Awakening timeline split has begun. This is something that has been talked about for a very long time, whether you’re aware of it or not.

And I’m gonna show you the sign that you are on the most optimal timeline, as well. And if you’re not on the optimal timeline, how to get on the optimal timeline.

I know some of this sounds kind of esoteric, but when you realize that a lot of the old stuff that has fallen away right now has fallen away so that a new paradigm can be built, and it’s an old energy dynamic that’s playing itself out, this is happening both in our own personal lives and in the external reality as well, but the most important thing is understanding where you are placing your energy.

And in this video, I’m gonna save you a ton of time, tons of energy, and also knowing which one end path are you on.

You’ll know all of that by the end of this video.

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