3 Things Extraterrestrials Want You To Know in 2021

ET’s want you to know this ASAP!

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The first thing that extraterrestrials want you to know in 2021 is to stop putting them on a damn pedestal. So many of us think about ETs, extraterrestrials, these beings from a different dimension, or from a different higher level of consciousness, or whatever we think about them, whatever our beliefs are.

Even if we believe the movies that we’ve seen in the past, we put them on this really high pedestal. And remember, as we’ll talk about in a lot of my videos, anything we want to bring into our life, if we put it on a pedestal, we vibrationally separate ourselves from it.

What if ETs, extra-dimensional beings, or whatever we wanna call them, what if they’re just waiting on the sidelines, and they’re waiting for us to stop putting them on a pedestal?

And think about this…

They feel that we view them in a certain way, so they’re almost repelled by it. It’s like, if you really, really like someone, and you really hope it goes well, and they feel that energy off of you, they feel it as neediness, they feel it as desperation, and even worse, what if you’re like, “Please come save us.”

More about this in this video!

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