5 Reasons the Elite’s Plan to Control The Masses will FAIL

As more events unfold, it becomes evident that the elite’s plans WILL NOT work and here’s exactly why. To join Full Time Purpose click here: ➡ https://www.fulltimepurpose.com/webinar

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2020 was a huge year of revelation. In 2020, so many things happened that made people question the integrity of everything we believed to be true for so long. Many people also took it upon themselves to wake up from limiting beliefs and facades to see the truth about the events we experienced. Unanimously, many people who are awake also realize that the elite basically try to control the masses in order to keep us in fear-based manipulation. Although it might seem like the elite have always got what they wanted, their plan to ultimately control the masses will FAIL.

So many people are realizing how manipulative and controlling much of what we are told to believe is. With the awakening of the masses also comes the crumbling of the old structures and ways of being that once could’ve worked. As we each begin to embody more of our truth and authenticity, the less tolerant we become of things that no longer serve us.

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