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“You are the Creator of your life.
You are the Creator of your happiness
You have the have the power to explore and manifest all desires into Creation.

Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the belief that we are the victim of some divine punishment when things do not go the way we wish it to be. When we fall into such beliefs, we are falling into the illusion that we are no longer the Creator of our lives.

Realize that you will always be The Creator.
And what you experience in life will always be what you have chosen to experience.
This can be difficult to understand with an intellectual mind and understandably so.

So today I will introduce you a transformative perspective which can help you to understand how you are creating your own experiences in life, and these are the concepts of Free Will, Karma, and the Law of Attraction….”


Believing in Your Dreams Can Help You on the Path to Wealth, Health and Financial Freedom

Have you ever, at some point of your life, had a dream of being somebody special, somebody rich, somebody famous? Who hasn’t dreamed about being the one who hits the winning shot?

How to Reveal Your True Purpose and Desires in Life So You Can Begin to Attract Abundance Easily

In order for us to attract abundance and prosperity into our lives we must first live the life that our inner being wants to live. Our inner being longs to be expressed but to be expressed fully, it requires us to find on our journey of life just what it is that we truly desire and truly need to do for us to be fulfilled.

Your Future is a Blank Canvas, Paint a Picture Where You Attract Abundance

Sometimes people are blocked from knowing what they really want because they are afraid of making a commitment. They feel that if they commit themselves to doing one thing then they will be stuck with it forever and won’t be able to do anything else enjoyable that comes along. People are afraid of being imprisoned. However, they fail to realize one very important thing. They already are imprisoned, by the limitations they impose upon themselves!

How You Can Attract Abundance by Ignoring Those Excuses

Excuses, they are such a curse to those of us that want to attract abundance to us because we are so used to allowing them to control our lives, to the extent that we try very few new things anymore. We keep making them. Why? Well, because we have allowed our minds to take control of us, and we have danced to their tune instead of the other way around. That’s one of the main reasons why most of us fail when we try to attempt to use the law of attraction to manifest our desires into our lives.

Turn Your Envy Into Blessings and Well Wishing to Help You Manifest Prosperity

The green gremlin of envy is close to many of us in this materialistic world that we exist in these days and it doesn’t take much to rouse him from his slumber. It could be a neighbor’s new car or a friend’s promotion at work, but it always seems to be worse when it’s somebody that is close to us like a friend or even a family member. It can be almost uncontrollable and completely ruins your day when it cheekily pops up to remind you what someone else has got.

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