A 2 Minute Prayer To Manifest Anything You Want / The Bible Secret

This 2 Minute Prayer technique will show you how to Manifest Anything You Want for once and for all. This law of attraction biblical secret will set you free and show you how to create the life you desire and live abundantly. What is it you desire is all ready yours. learn the truth about who you are and step boldly out into the World creating happiness, love, joy and peace. This video created by Eyvette Risher from My World of Metaphysics and was designed to help you change your life.

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This is a Metaphysical and Law of Attraction Coaching channel by Eyvette Risher to help you learn how your attracting everything in your life and a simple way to learn Law of Attraction, Metaphysics and much more to change your life.

Follow this channel and you too will learn basic Law of Attraction Techniques. You will also learn about metaphysics, Angel communication, sacred geometry and much more to help change your life.

Create all that you desire in life and learn manifesting techniques using affirmations, dream work, visualization, mirror work, scripting and others. My World of Metaphysics is the channel that brings to you all you want to know in an easy to follow coaching lesson. Change your life now. Blessing to all Namaste

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Don’t Let the Box Stunt Your Growth

Think and live outside the box. Give your mind free rein to explore and learn more. Realize the power of your mind, and utilize it in a way that will give you the optimum results. You can be or do anything that you want to be, if you don’t allow negative influences stop you.

Overcome Discouragement When The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working And Change Your Life

Have you ever tried using the law of attraction to change your life for the better, only to find out that the law of attraction isn’t working like they said it would? Did this leave you unhappy and questioning whether manifesting what you want in life is even a real possibility?

John Assaraf Entrepreneur and Keeper Of The Secret

John Assaraf is a entrepreneur, surveyor and evaluator of consciousness and the behavior of humans. His love and passion for helping and teaching people how to release the internal mental obstructions that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what motivates him and gives his life objective and meaning. In the last twenty five years John has developed five multi-million dollar corporations and has written two New York Times bestseller books. He came to huge public recognition in the movie / book “The Secret”.

Rhonda Byrne – The Secret Is Born

It was late spring in 2004 when Australian born writer and producer Rhonda Byrne stumbled upon an unbelievable discovery. The discovery wasn’t really all that new because Rhonda’s research revealed it had been used as far back as the Babylonian times. What her research did not prepare her for however, was just how much this discovery would change her life.

The Science of Getting Rich – The Right Business

The Science of Getting Rich gives us a formula for wealth and abundance. Even though Wallace Wattles wrote the book over 100 years ago, it is still THE scientific formula for becoming rich. Chapter 13 of The Science of Getting Rich is all about getting into the right business.

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