A Few Moments with GOD: Ascension and the Universal Law of Attraction

Erin Michelle Galito has dedicated her life to service for God. As a mystic and spiritual channel for The Master Yeshua (Jesus), Erin Michelle delivers messages of wisdom, peace, joy, hope, and love that lovingly and firmly guide humanity to return to God and the Oneness of all. Erin Michelle Galito is also the channel and scribe for Essays of the Light: Channeled Guidance for Your Ascension.
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Manifesting Abundance to Change Your Life

Do you know you can have whatever you want right now? Learning how to manifest abundance can make a huge difference in your life.

The Wealth of Giving – Rich Dad Poor Dad

“May your charity increase as much as your wealth” – Proverb. Have you ever seen the movie, “Pay it forward”? Its an amazing story about how one random act of kindness was “paid forward” from person to person until it changed the world. As idealistic as that movie was, it is a wonderful depiction of what is POSSIBLE when many people become on one accord for a common good.

Top 5 Mistakes That Have Caused You to Fail Miserably at Manifesting Abundance

Could one or more of these common 5 mistakes be what’s holding you back from successfully manifesting abundance in your life? It is possible that you could be a perpetrator of one or more of these mistakes and be totally unaware that you’re doing it. Read what they are, so you could put a stop to it and create the reality you desire.

Stop Being So Selfish and Think of Others For a Change

I recently watch the movie Blind Side with Sandra Bullock and it opened my eyes once again to the troubles of disadvantaged people. The movie gives you a two hour reminder than you probably have it better than many people and that you’re so buried in your own selfish petty concerns that you forget to see the real sufferings of those who have nothing and very little future.

Being Rich Can’t Buy You Everything – Being Poor Buys You Nothing – Rich Dad Poor Dad

“They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody?” – Princess Diana The late Princess Diana’s remark takes a tongue-and-cheek blow at one of the many commonly accepted messages that seek to paint having wealth in a negative light. The implication here is that having money will somehow make it more difficult for you to be happy than if you were poor.

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