Attract Anyone To Fall In Love With You. Levels of Consciousness – Law of Attraction

You can attract anyone to fall in love with you. These levels of consciousness will take your Law of Attraction to the next level. When you use the Law of Attraction to increase your consciousness you will attract a specific person, more money, your dream career, or anything else you desire. You can have it all when you learn to live in a higher state of consciousness.

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Site Vs. Vision – Are You Blind to Opportunities?

The following quote is attributed to Helen Keller. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” If a blind and deaf mute could see opportunity then surely all of us can learn from her remarkable attitude. While she may not have had the gift of sight, she certainly possessed vision.

Commit to Being What You Want to Be

Do you want to be happy? Yes? Do you want to be happy and free? Yes? What are you doing now at this very moment that would bring you closer to being happy or happy & free? Or are you like me, sabotaging yourself without knowing it. Have you ever wonder why miracles don’t happen to you? Well I do. Because you don’t believe in miracles – am I right? So, you ask, does it mean that if I believe that the mountain and pick itself up and jump off into the sea, it would actually happen? Well, it is a little far fetch isn’t it? However, I sure know why the mountain never ever pick itself up and jump off into the sea. That is because no one, including you and me would every commit to this belief. But look at what others have achieved – didn’t urbanization and the dire need to provide potable water to billions of people got the Chinese Government to built the biggest dam project, displace millions of villages with rich culture and history. And what was the net effect of this dam? Do you know? Well it drown a couple of mountain ranges.

The Appearance of Failure

When I was an undergraduate student in pre-Business Administration, it was my goal to get all “A’s” and “B’s” in the subject of my major. One of my first relevant classes was “Business Policy 101”, taught by my soon-to-be mentor, Professor Victor Doherty from Wayne State University. At the end of the semester, I was running at a “B minus/C plus” average.

Be Accountable For Everything in Your Life

Successful people takes their lives seriously and they set out every moment to create their own next moment. Moment; what is a moment? Did you ever wonder? What has already happened a second ago is already history. What is happening now is the current moment. What happens in the next second is the future.

Relying on the Invisible Supply Vs Only on the Visible Supply

I am excited to tell you about something I read the other day that made me think twice about my own desire to GROW my bank account. This lesson is one I will continue to learn but it makes life so much more fun and making money more enjoyable, when looked at more closely.

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