Attract your EX back – Law Of Attraction [3 Hz Binaural Beats / Telepathy / Deep Meditation]

Attract your EX back – Law Of Attraction [3 Hz Binaural Beats / Telepathy / Deep Meditation]

3 Hz Binaural Beats mixed with spherical sounds with A tuned to 432Hz for most effect.


Listen to this once a day, visualize yourself in a meditating pose, breathing in and out, feeling all the loving energies around us and feeding off of them. Imagine how the screen of your phone lights up and you noticing it. By checking, you see your crushes/exes name with a POSITIVE message. Feel the sensation you would get in your whole body. After listening to this and visualizing its important to LET THE DESIRE GO! Just forget about it and live on, the universe will deliver and that is guaranteed!!

Rhonda Byrne’s The Power: Is The Packaging The Problem?

A common reason people attack The Secret (and now, Rhonda Byrne’s sequel, The Power) is that it promotes a self-centered and “consumerist” attitude. Byrne, critics say, encourages us to focus on “manifesting” luxury cars, expensive shoes, and so on, rather than on helping others.

When Are You Going To Make a Decision to Change Your Life?

Are you happy with your life just the way it is? Do you enjoy or get satisfaction from your job or career? Do you have a satisfactory relationship or do you have a relationship at all? Are you following your dreams or have you given up dreaming? You can have it all you know. It is simply a matter of attracting it.

Learn How to Use Visualization in Manifesting Abundance

There is an old saying that to see is to believe. There is also another adage which states that one has to believe in order to achieve. These two maxims could not possibly be any truer. These wise proverbs relate to manifesting abundance in our daily lives.

8 Daily Disciplines To Gain Wealth

Every day counts! Every day is a day to make money and/or increase your investments. Here are 8 disciplines in gaining wealth you can do every day. More than half the battle is mindset – believing you can gain wealth over time. The other half of the battle is the daily discipline of shifting your actions into investing rather than consuming.

EFT and Attracting Abundance

A bird’s-eye view of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and what it can do to help you attract abundance in your life. Also explained are the tapping points you must tap to clear out whatever negative emotion that you want to get rid of.

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