DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Video

DISCIPLINE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Video
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What’s in Your Way of Attracting Abundance?

There are 3 major ways that we block ourselves from attracting what we desire. These include our false beliefs, fears, and core wounds. They are all related to what we have stored in our subconscious mind.

Angel-on-Call Peace Pilgrim – Keys to Abundance and Personal and World Peace

Do you think about how you can make a difference? Have you followed your intuition and, for no logical reason, went somewhere and met a person in need of what you can offer? Do you have trust and faith that you are on God’s payroll? Does your trust and faith help you stay in your peace? If you answered “yes” to the questions, you are probably also an Angel- on-Call Peace Pilgrim.

7 Ways to Create the Abundance Mindset

These days it seems that most people are focused on what they don’t have. There is this mindset and emphasis on not having enough or “not enoughness”. I know it’s crazy. Why would you want to be stuck in a lake of lack? If you want to develop the abundance mindset, you’ve got to send the right signals – you’ve got to be giving. Giving signals to the Universe that you have more than enough. Give away what you don’t have and you’ll create the abundance mindset.

Get Abundance in Your Life

Having abundance in your life is not about owning the most expensive cars, homes and clothes. So many times I see this word used when it’s not abundance that they mean but it instead it is greed that they mean. The difference is that abundance is pure and good while greed is the desire for more of the worldly things without regard for anything or anyone else.

Attract Abundance, Give Me the Secret

We can all have abundance in our lives, we need to be clear on what abundance means for us. Some may see abundance as being wealthy, others may see it as having a balance in every aspect of their lives. For me, having the balance is being abundant,once you are clear on what it means to you, you can attract it. You only have to know the secret.

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