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How to Retrain the Mind to Manifest Wealth

The secret to manifesting wealth (or anything else you desire) is to understand that the results we desire begin with our thoughts. So if you want more wealth in your life you must begin by making sure all of your thoughts are in alignment with your manifesting and having this wealth. Retrain your mind to have the right thoughts and the wealth will be manifested.

How to Remove a Negative Thought From Your Mind

One of the single largest factors that prevents people from having success is how they think. The thoughts in your mind will either lead you to success or lead you to failure. It is the not the result that creates your thoughts, it is your thoughts that create your results. Rid yourself of negative thoughts and you will be on your way to success and abundance.

How to Open the Mind for New Information

In order to have more abundance in your life you need to be able to rewire your brain with the right information. The problem is that the brain is like a cup full of water, when it is full there is no space for new information to be added. In order to be successful you must first remove some of the old clutter that is no longer serving you to make room for the new.

Why ‘Bad’ Things Happen To You

Having a full wallet, an expensive car, a comfortable home, and a reliable, trustworthy partner are all wonderful and well-deserved things as long as we can exist without these just as well. If we believe we cannot, then it isn’t in our best interest to have them anyway.

Zen and the Zucchini Plant

What I am doing is Law of Attraction in full force. I have tended the garden, done the work and expect, without any hint of doubt, to be enjoying the harvest in god’s good time. I am not fretting about what if’s…or feel anxious about my skill level, or stressing about how long it is going to take to taste my first fresh bite of zucchini.

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