HIDDEN BIBLE PRAYER Technique To Manifest WHATEVER You Want (Law of Attraction)

In this video I talk about hidden prayer technique and hidden teachings of the bible. Praying is not what we think it is. And the law of attraction is not what we think it is. But when you learn how to take the teachings from the bible, you can actually learn a lot about consciousness, and use it to manifest whatever you want from prayer.

So today we discuss this…

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This Hidden Bible Teaching Explains How To Manifest Anything You Want | The Law of Attraction

This video is on the SECRET JESUS TEACHING Of The Bible Explaining Consciousness And The Law of Attraction.

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In this video we discuss the bible teachings in a new way that explain consciousness and the law of attraction.

To the person that has, more will be given. In Law of Attraction terms, that’s about being in abundance, even if your physical world tells you otherwise.

And when you are in fear or scarcity, you will continue to attract undesirable situations. Because when you don’t have, as the bible says, even what you have will be taken. This means that when you are in a vibration or energy of lack and not enough, then you will attract even more of that low energy.

Learn to attract what you want using these teachings.

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