The story of the sower is teaching us of the principle of sowing and reaping. Therefore when you interpret the bible psychologically you would realize that all manifestation is a result of our mentality

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Website: www.blackmadguru.com
Email Address: blackmadguru@gmail.com

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Amazing Tips to Living a Victorious Christian Life

Don’t accept problems as a way of God teaching you something. He has better ways of correcting you when there’s something wrong in your life. You can’t be in Christ and still be on the floor in life. God cares so much about what you may be going through right now.

Do You Know That God Wants You to Prosper?

You have chosen to be in Christ in order to be out of crisis. God is ready to shower your life with so much blessing that you will have no room enough to contain it. It is time for breakthrough on every side without having to worry about how your needs will be met. If your father is ready to prosper you, be ready to receive such blessings.

5 Practices for Holistic Health Practitioners to Elevate Their Money Beliefs

Many holistic health practitioners have a belief in poverty consciousness as the foundation of their business.They equate financial success with greed, while thinking that struggle is the hallmark of higher consciousness. There is nothing enlightened about poverty! Implement these 5 practices into your thinking, your business and your life to heal your money consciousness and shift your money reality.

How to Attract Wealth in Your Life

Learn what wealth is and how to attract it into your life. Avoid the myths that will hold you back from attaining wealth.

How Thought Forms Can Be Used to Manifest Your Desired Reality

Conscious creation and manipulation of thought forms, for magic and reality creation, is one of best kept secrets of alchemy and metaphysics. Learning about the true nature of the mental plane enables you to imprint the matrix of creation and manifest your desires more easily. Thoughts are indeed powerful things which must be controlled in order your benefit your life – otherwise, they may play havoc on your physical reality.

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