How To Act AS IF Without Feeling FAKE [Law Of Attraction]

The biggest problem is that people TRY to ACT AS IF while feeling like a fake at the same time which means that you drop into low vibrational frequencies and NOT being able to manifest what you want using the law of attraction. This video is to help you think differently about ACTING AS IF!
Love and prayers for all,
Sri Akarshana

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Lack of Due Diligence: A Career and Life Destroying Factor

Due diligence is defined as the process of insuring that all important decisions you make about your life or career are the most satisfactory, productive, and reliable as possible. Diligence is something that can be learned easily and creates a highly productive habit pattern that expands your ability to make the right decisions for yourself. The diligent process of feeding your mind with as much facts, details, and information concerning the decision you are going to make which then allows the subconscious mind to help you at an optimal level to reach the right decision for yourself. You make many fewer poor judgments and bad decisions through life.

Creative Visualization, The Law Of Attraction and Alpha Mind Power

Creative visualization can be used in order to communicate with your subconscious mind through the medium of creative imagining. We all use it to one degree or another in our daydreams and thoughts. Visualizing creatively is when we deliberately offer our imaginings with the purpose of manifesting them as conscious creations directly in our lives.

Why Discipline in Investing Is Important

The quality of discipline and self-discipline are qualities which are extremely valuable in many areas of life. They could be said to be of greater value than material things that you might accumulate in life. Why is this? These qualities call allow you to consistently find success in many areas of your life. Disciplines is something that is needed in many types of learning. For example to become an accomplished pianist you will need to discipline yourself to practice regularly at regular time each day and each week. And without this discipline it would be extremely difficult to master the piano. So what is there to consider with regards to investment and discipline?

Can Affirmation Really Work Or Is It Just A Lot Of Relinquished Dreams?

Have you ever made requests to the universal energy about your hopes, dreams and desires to create an abundance of money, love or even health? Has it worked? Did you get your desired outcome? While there are cases of instant successful results with the laws of attraction, generally it takes a while for the manifestation to build and appear in our lives. At worst most people see little or no results and give up.

Building A Better Future – Is This Essential?

The idea of building a better future could come from the need to improve your conditions, if you look at most people you would find that there are many things which could be better for them in their life. You can say that if certain things improved in your life you would find greater happiness. Indeed happiness and being happy could be said to be the most important thing in life for most people. So is building a better future something that should be at the top of your list? Indeed could you say this is an essential requirement for you future happiness?

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