How to Ask and Define using Law of Attraction – Step one in Ask, Believe and Receive – Episode 2

In this episode of Law of Attraction for beginners we will discuss how to ask using law of attraction and define our desires. How to ask and what we ask for is the first step to using the law of attraction. Often with the law of attraction, we zoom past this stage of how to ask and run full force into the believing stage. I promise if you take your time and really define what you want and understand how to ask using law of attraction it will increase your chances of manifestation but more importantly it will increase your vibrational energy. I strive to become a more positive person with a genuine belief in myself and my future. All you need to do first is know how to ask using law of attraction.

Now you know what you desire most, let’s get to work on manifesting that dream life. In Episode 3, ill be giving an overview of the BELIEVE stage of ask, believe, and receive from the Law Of Attraction. This particular video will briefly look into the meaning of Believe in regards to the Law Of Attraction and Manifestation but the following episodes will take a deeper look into using “BELIEVE” such as scripting, journaling, vision board, and lots more.

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