how to change the way others perceive you !

hey baes so i need help with smth. my family and i are vegans and my dad (who is a tennis player) is launching a campaign to persuade tennis ball companies to make vegan tennis balls as they are usually made from wool, which is very unnecessary because they could easily be made from other materials. this is something that is very important to me bc so many sheep are harmed for this sport and are slaughtered after their wool is no longer marketable 🙁 we are trying to get enough signatures on our petition to make this happen, and if you could sign the petition at it would mean the world to me. it only takes 5 seconds of your day and will make a big difference. thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who sign! i appreciate and love you guys so much, whether you sign or not hehe

in other news..
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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Get Rich

The law of attraction is will give you the ability to have anything you want by applying some simple techniques in your everyday life. Learn how you can use it to get more money.

An Essay on Peace

A catalyst to change from war to peace, begins inside of your heart. Deciding to take the road less traveled can be the start of metamorphosis.

The 5 Top Energies That Block Manifestation

Anytime we feel or experience lower energies, it brings us to a lower place vibrationally, but out of all the negative energy we experience, there are just a few that seem to be the most detrimental for our manifestation efforts, at least in my experience. The first is that of depression. Sadness also falls into this category.

How To Achieve Success in Manifesting

When we attempt to manifest something in our lives, it’s usually something we really want to see come to pass or else we would not be attempting to manifest it. We want to be successful because it’s something we really want or need. And the truth is, we deserve to be successful – we DESERVE to have what we want.

The Secret Tool to Manifest Your Vision

The science of manifesting your vision is all about holding the vibration of your vision. Another way of saying this is that to manifest your vision, i.e.: take it from the invisible to material form; you will need to change your thinking and your energy.

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