How To Manifest Your Ex Back The Neville Goddard Way! | Manifest A Specific Person Mistakes

How to manifest your ex back the Neville Goddard way! This video is specifically about common things that people do that make manifesting a specific person more difficult than it needs to be, and how to fix them.

So if you’re trying to manifest a specific person or to bring your ex back then watch this video until the end and I promise that you’ll be in a much better position to manifest your person fast!

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By the way, this is part two of a series about manifesting a specific person, and today we’ll be focusing on a few mistakes people make when manifesting a specific person or ex, that block the manifestation. If you haven’t watched part 1 then make sure to watch that video too. I’ll put the link down below as well as up to the right.

So…. common things that block your attempts to manifest your specific person.

Number 1:

You have deep insecurities and negative beliefs about yourself. If you have a bad opinion of yourself, feel inadequate, or have core beliefs about how the world works then this is going to stand in the way big-time!

Let me explain what I mean:

If for example you believe that you aren’t good enough, or that men aren’t faithful, or any other belief that is your default view of the world then this is going to stand in your way unless you change it. Remember, the world is your mirror, so if you have such a belief then the world will reflect that and give you more experiences where your belief is validated. So you’ll end up in situations where people treat you as if you aren’t good enough, or every person you date will cheat on you.

A very common thing for example that people do -at least women, I don’t know if men do that. Any guys watching this, let me know in the comments if men do this too because I’m genuinely curious to know- so a thing that many women tend to do is whenever they see a woman they’ll start comparing themselves to that woman, trying to assess if she is more attractive than them, and thinking that their specific person would prefer that woman to them.


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Why Should I Force You to Become Wealthy or Join WMI?

People at large lament about the fact that they are not as well off as they think they ought to be. But it surprises me why they expect to be forced into becoming wealthy. When I offer them the choice to join WMI, they usually do not respond until they are sold on it.

The Law of Attraction Is a Powerful Force When Used Properly

The law of attraction is a powerful force when used properly. However, when used improperly, it is nothing but a huge disappointment and leaves you feeling even worse than you did before you attempted to use it. Like any new subject, in order to become proficient at using the law of attraction, one must practice over and over until they can readily admit to themselves that they are ready and fully understand the concept.

Number 1 Tip for Using The Law of Attraction

I believe that too many people are suffering today because of the few who have chosen to exploit the many, and would prefer the rest of us to remain in ignorance while they bathe in opulence and wealth. There is, however, a way for the rest of us to live abundant and prosperous lives without having to exploit anyone. We can do this by using The Law of Attraction. Yes, that great power that resides within us and has lain dormant in 99.9% of us for who knows how long. We only need awaken it and ask for that which we desire and it shall bring it to us; the clues to this power are all around you. Look at this quote from the bible.

Love and Its Power

Love is a powerful emotion isn’t it? When one is in love, they will do anything to continue feeling that way, even die as has been shown countless times throughout our short span on this planet. When one is feeling that sunny, delightful emotion, nothing and no-one stands in their way and that’s why many of us spend our entire lives searching for a “true” love that makes us whole and fulfilled. Where does this love come from and why is it that we only seem to be capable of feeling the really intense love for others, and not ourselves or this magical planet we live on? I believe we are beings of love who have chosen to come here to experience joy, abundance and plenty. Yes, it is true that there is just as much pain and suffering in this world; but just think it over and you will see that without pain and suffering, we would not know of joy and love for without one, the other cannot exist.

Does The Law of Attraction Work? Yes! And Here’s How

A common question indeed, “Does the law of attraction work?” YES, it does work! I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that it does, although it didn’t just work overnight. It took me a long time to get to grips with this strange concept and that was mostly down to the doubts I had right from the very beginning. I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was being foolish, by thinking that merely thinking and faking feeling would bring my desires to me. In the end, though, I began to get what I wanted, because I immersed myself in anything to do with The Law of Attraction, be it books, audio books or videos.

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