How to PROPERLY Manifest with Scripting + Tips & Template II Law of Attraction Technique

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Hey guys!

This video is to help you learn how to script with demonstrations. I noticed MOST videos here on youtube about scripting aren’t showing you how to do it, and they’re mostly only TELLING you what scripting is, so hopefully this helps.


0:27 The Tools You Need to Script
0:52 Scripting Tip #1
1:22 Scripting Notebooks
2:15 How to Start Scripting
3:02 Dear Universe/Dear God
3:10 Scripting Tip #2
3:44 Intro Line to Scripting
4:01 Start Scripting With Gratitude
4:30 What to Write for Gratitude
5:13 Scripting Tip #3
6:03 Scripting What You Want + Tip #4
6:23 Scripting Example: Car
6:47 Getting Descriptive When Scripting
8:42 Scripting Tip #5
9:04 Scripting Tip #6
9:27 Closing Your Scripting Page/Letter
10:30 Sealing Your Manifestation
11:00 Closing Tips
11:15 Feeling Your Manifestation
11:39 My Own Results

I hope this video was helpful! Here are some other scripting videos I recommend:

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