How to Release Attachment, Let Go and (Finally) Move ON!

ATTACHMENT = SUFFERING + RESISTANCE. When you are attached to a person or outcome, all that does is create internal suffering because your identity starts to intertwine with that external entity or situation. It’s finally time to let go and move on, FOR GOOD.

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Anything we are attached to is creating suffering in our lives. This equation is the foundation of all: Attachment = Resistance and Suffering. In my personal life, I experienced a point where I cared a lot about what other people thought of me. I felt like I gained the reputation of being this “Law of Attraction Youtuber” and if I let go of that identity that everyone associated to me, I would be perceived as “changed”. This made feel so limited in who I was and what I could really create, just from the fear of what people might think.

Once I broke out of that limiting belief and made videos about all types of esoteric content, it caused an explosion in the YouTube channel. Caring about what others thought and attaching to an identity made my worth attached to an outer entity.

Attachment only happens when we think something on the outside isn’t already within us. Attachment to a person, relationship or past experience also builds some sort of identity affiliation to ourselves. Releasing attachment encompasses the process of realizing everything external is a manifestation of what we believe. Self love is the key to releasing attachment because once you love yourself, you’ll always remain authentic. To let go of attachment and finally move on, you must become aware of the story you tell yourself about the attachment and detach from it emotionally and mentally. This will make you realize that your attachment is actually limiting or distorting your true self.

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The Science of Abundance

The secret tells us some of the things we need to do in order to gain some of the things we want, but it doesn’t tell us all of the things we need to do in order to gain all of the things we want. The law of attraction tells us that positive thought brings positive manifestation and vice versa. The Secret reinforces that view but without directing our positivity in any direct or maintainable way. Suffice to say The Secret leaves a lot left out of its pages.

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