If Letting Go of Attachment Is Hard For You, WATCH THIS!

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I think letting go is so challenging because when we’re letting go of something or of somebody, what we’re doing is stepping into the unknown. We’re stepping out of something that may have given us some level of certainty. Maybe it gave us some level of familiarity, something that was comfortable. And when we let go, we are letting go of that. And with that, there’s these beliefs. There’s these things that keep us attached to these things, these patterns, because it keeps us safe. It keeps us where we are.

Now, whether that’s letting go of a past relationship, it can be very challenging to do. And maybe that’s like an old job that you had or have, and maybe that seems challenging. And a lot of it is understanding that the mechanism that makes letting go hard or what makes letting go hard is that there’s this safety valve that we all have that is trying to keep us within a little box. And the thing is that sometimes we’re not aware that there’s these like
things we have in place keeping us safe, keeping us where we are. And the key of what we’re really afraid of is jumping into the unknown, jumping into what’s not familiar, jumping out of the autopilot mind.

This year for me, like the year 2021 has been a year of letting go, letting go of the old, letting go of past attachments. And it’s confusing to me in some ways because I’m like, well, I intellectually understand a lot of this. I intellectually know that the more you let go the more your vibration’s raised, but why does it feel so challenging?

In this video I’ll explain it all.

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