If You Want To Attract Love And Money Take OFF The Shock Collar

Attracting love and money is not as hard as you think…

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If you want to attract love, if you want to create your dream life you got to take the shock collar off. Imagine that you have the shock collar that’s on, some people, what they do with their dogs is they’ll put a shock collar on their dogs if they don’t want their dogs to leave their yard. So what they do is there’s like a perimeter that set up, imagine that there’s a perimeter set up. And what happens is anytime you cross over that you get shocked. Well, in the same way that people do that to dogs to keep their dogs safe, your ego is doing the same thing for you to keep you from doing anything that’s unknown. So that’s the way the ego works, the ego just wants to be safe. So there’s times that you may be intending to go after somebody that you’re attracted to but you’re afraid of rejection. So you start walking up and as you get closer to the perimeters, you get zapped. So it could be that you want to go full time doing what you love. And what you do is you start, you have this idea, this business idea, you start taking action with it. You know, I know when I started making YouTube videos all these fears came up. The closer I got to that, of the process of me putting out videos, the more I’d feel this buzz come up.

When I would start making videos and people start noticing what I was saying and I would start wondering what people thought about me, I was worried about what people were thinking about me. And as I did that, I was feeling the zap. I feel the doubt wondering, “Am I good enough? Does what I say has value?” I feel zapped again, but that was just my ego trying to keep me safe. Now, the reason I’m asking you this, is because there may be something that you could do that would take your life to the next level but you feel doubt. You feel like something’s holding you back. What if the only thing holding you back was the story that you’re telling yourself about why you can or can’t have that what you want, that’s what happens most of the time. Now realize it’s just like taming a dog and some people may do the whole shock collar thing.

I don’t know if I would do that but some people would. And I actually bought this online just for this video, ’cause that’s how inspired I was to talk about this. I’m going to go inside now ’cause it’s getting so bright and my blue sensitive eyes. It’s just that they can’t really stay out there yo. So think about it like that. The shock collar is keeping you where you are. Now the shock collar is also the story you’re telling yourself about why you are, where you are. The story is keeping you trapped, you have a story about love that says that, “I’m not worthy of attracting a certain type of person or I always attract a certain type of person.” And then when you go out and you start putting yourself out there you may be afraid of rejection and you may be afraid of… Or just think you’re not worthy of having certain types of relationships.

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