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Making Room For Miracles (Part 1 – Letting Go)

I think back on my journey of the past six years and, oh, what a journey it has been over a path strewn with joys and sorrows; the births of long-awaited little ones and the untimely deaths of Alan’s mother and our oldest son; times of calm, contentment, and peace punctuated by periods of upheaval and challenge with a daughter’s divorce and the transition of our son who has Down syndrome from the security of public school to a new life as an adult. My journey may not be too different from yours. My hope is that you have made room for the miracles that will always come when there is space in our existence for them to occur and awareness in our minds to acknowledge them.

What is Wealth Dynamics?

It is the fastest way for you to find your flow and build your wealth! Almost everyone has done a personality test at one time. Often, you discover things you already knew about yourself – Extroverted or Introverted, Big Picture or Detail Orientated – Interesting yes, but how does it make a difference to your life? Wealth Dynamics is the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth.

Why Must We Make Money?

The average person knows nothing about earning money. People who are earning it can’t really explain why they are earning it. You have the right to be rich. Being poor is not normal nor natural.

Trinity of Riches For Wisdom Age

Every human is cut out of three parts, the Almighty God operates in Trinity dimension, riches starts and ends in a tripartite order. It is important you check it so that you will not be missing out on the most part of the wisdom age.

Travel Through Time to Change Your Reality Today

The benefits of time travel are quite possible if you use spiritual tools. When you enter deep alpha to theta brain waves, you can travel into the past or the future. This is because these brain wave states are in the infinite now, and are not restricted by three dimensional realities.

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