KEEP GRINDING & NEVER GIVE UP – Best Motivational Speech 2021

Michelle Obama
Jack Ma
jim Rohn
Eric Thomas
Will Smith
Kevin Hart
Les Brown
Tom Bilyeu
Bob Proctor

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How to Find Inner Peace

Amazingly, you have just come across the information that you need to find your own inner peace. Just look at the page in front of you. It’s you who is staring out at this page and it’s you that is the Source of your own inner peace. You just haven’t learned how to see yourself yet and you need a little guidance. Once you are able to focus in on who you really are, you will reach inner peace. You will know it because nothing will disturb you anymore and any feelings of dis-ease or “uncomfortableness” will be gone entirely. It’s not a joke.

Ten Steps to Creating Abundance

Abundance comes in many forms. We can be abundant in health, time, beauty and many other things, as well as having financial abundance. However, when you’re asking for or trying to manifest abundance (whatever area of your life you’re focusing on) there are a few little tips and tricks that can help you achieve abundance more easily.

What Does Prosperity Mean to You?

The almighty dollar is not the ultimate measure of your prosperity and abundance. Less is more. Those who subscribe to this belief find contentment with what they have and not fret over what they don’t have

The Path to Abundance

If you were a dying patient, you would have to trust me as though you life depended on it. This kind of trust is what I want from you. This kind of trust will give you peace in knowing that all can and should be yours through such a strong connection to the wisdom that brought you into this world, and somehow, knows how to lead you home.

Law of Attraction Manifestation Exercise #4 – Create More Money With the Prosperity Game

This is another exercise first introduced by Abraham Hicks that I have found to be extremely helpful in creating more money in my life. Quite often many of us say that we want more money. But because the idea of “really having” a lot of money is so foreign to us – we find it very hard to create it from our current experience.

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