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You already know manifesting is working for others, but it might not be working for you.

The most important reason why most people get stuck trying to manifest is that they don’t know every important step to manifest with the universe.

So here are the 10 steps you need to follow to manifest anything you desire.

Getting Rid of Scarcity Beliefs – Living an Abundant Life

You are to decide what will happen in your life. Will you choose to live an abundant and prosperous life, or will you let your negativity consume you?

The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough Is The Cause Of All Poverty

There is no real pressure or stress from the condition of being poor; the pressure only arises when being poor is interpreted as a sign of not being good enough. That is when the river of true abundance stops flowing. Like a river, obstructed in its flow by the wall of a dam, our perception of lack even more assuredly stops the ever-present potential stream of personal abundance from flowing. The pressure that builds up in us, as in the case of the dam, is what we experience as stress and not having enough time to do all the things we think we need to do to keep the abundance flowing.

Creating the Life You Want Is Easy With Motivational Thoughts

Why do some people go through life creating wealth? Why do other people go through life creating poverty?

Feng Shui To Create Prosperity And Abundance In Your Life

Feng shui goes beyond merely a style of decorating and expands to a way to actually affect your entire life. Not only can it improve your relationships and self confidence, it can actually be used to attract abundance to your life as well.

Turning Sorrow Around With Positive Thought

Yeah, sometimes we’re sad and we’re dragging around like we’ve lost our best friend. Or maybe we have but…

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