Law of Attraction Coach earns $27K in 2 months – Fearless Coach Academy Case Study

This video reveals how Dawn, a Law of Attraction Coach, earned $27K in less than 2 months after joining Peter Scott’s Fearless Coach Academy coaching program.

If you ever thought to yourself the only coaches making meaningful money today are business coaches, then give this video a watch.

Law of Attraction is not a tangible, measurable coaching process like strategic business coaching. In fact, It’s considered “airy fairy” to many people.

Despite these judgements, Dawn quickly implemented a couple strategies she learned in Fearless Coach Academy resulting in $27K of additional revenue.

Watch this video to discovery what strategy she implemented to acheive these results.

Peter Scott IV – The Fearless Coach Mentor
Founder, Fearless Coach Academy
Best Selling Author, “The Fearless Mindset”

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