Law of attraction universal law

This video here pertains to the law of attraction, and gives pointers on how to manifest wealth and other things you truly desire. Everything and I mean everything starts in the mind first.

Transitioning From the Job to Starting Your Business

Your first business ownership is the business of your own life and how well you manage it will often determine the degree of which you are able to branch out into real business. With our common job market on the non-executive level, there isn’t many opportunities to work yourself into your own business.

Finding the Abundance Within You

Abundance-what is it exactly? How do you find it? It can be in the form of wealth, health and love maybe.

Is Money Really the Root of All Evil?

Is money evil? Many people think that money is not spiritual and materialist – why is this? What are your beliefs? Are they even your beliefs at all?

Dream the Life You Deserve

Often we dream big and we have large aspirations, but in most people those dreams remain just that dreams. We leave them in our hands and do nothing about them. This is sad and a lot of us go on just existing and never follow our dreams.

Three Tips For Quickly Attracting Riches of All Kinds

Most people become aware of the law of attraction and their thoughts immediately turn to riches. Makes sense, right?The universe is a vast reality full of all kinds of wealth; why not draw upon it to snatch the freedom and peace of mind that wealth can offer?

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