Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, Self awareness Q & A – Youtube Live – June 8,2019

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Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, Self awareness Q & A – Youtube Live – June 8,2019
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Two Surprising Things That Can Impact Your Abundance

More often than not, the things that cause us the most pain are not the situations and experiences of our lives, but our reactions to them. In our attempt to fight against, struggle with, and overcome our problems, we end up exacerbating them!

You Can Be Wealthy in 2 Ways

The first method is to save as much as you can. That works but that’s not my style because it takes way to long – I’ll be a grandpa by the time I turned millionaire.

Are Your Spending Habits Wealth Builders Or Wealth Destroyers?

“Where ones treasure is there also is his heart.” – Jesus. How and where do you tend to invest your earnings? Your kids?

Choose to Keep Your Dream Alive – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Here is one of the hardest realities that those who dare will have to cop to: Your life right now…everything good, everything bad, and everything mediocre…is a direct result of your own choices. Even in those instances where you chose to do nothing, you were indeed making a choice, and that choice has had an impact on your life.

Having Wealth Doesn’t Make You “Bad” – Rich Dad Poor Dad

“Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it” – William Penn Patrick. You know I am often saddened when I hear the almost visceral reaction that so many people and political pundits have concerning wealth. I mean, they all have the right to be mad at some level. Many an injustice has been done not only in this country but all over the world in the name of greed or building someone’s individual wealth.

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