Law Of Attraction: What does it mean when someone disappears from your life

Has it ever happened to you that you have met someone, felt the connection but then the person suddenly disappears from your life without any notice?
When we face such situations in life, we often tend to start questioning our worth and try to find faults in ourselves. We tend to believe we are not worthy enough because we are so busy trying to find fault in ourselves that we miss out on the fact that everything that happens always happens for a reason. Every single person who comes in our life comes with a purpose that may not always be visible to us and we may not be able to understand at that point of time why something is happening to us when we have been so committed or good to others.
Now understand that the universe has a much bigger plan for you than you can even imagine. Today when I understand this, and I look back I realize every interaction that I had in my life good or bad has made the person I am today and helped me achieve whatever I have today. Some people came to give me the most amazing experience, some came to teach me lessons of life and by that what I mean is they made me realize my worth and what I deserve and helped me get clear about what I want and what I don’t want in life. And some came just to be with me for a duration to get me through a certain time in my life. Everyone played an important role.
Now think isn’t it worth that these people disappear from your life at the very beginning and clear the space in your life for someone who would come and stay. When the universe takes someone away know that he is protecting you and be grateful to him. Someone disappearing from your life without any notice is just a reflection on their character. It shows they are not strong enough to face you or tell you the truth and stand for you and I am sure you don’t want a person like that. You deserve someone who will come through for you. So be grateful when such people are removed from your life and realize your worth. Become the best version of yourself. Become the person you want to attract into your life. Because you get what you give out. But remember you will always keep the crossing paths with such people who will come to test you. But don’t lose faith in yourself and the universe. Just keep doing the right thing and keep believing. You will get everything you want and deserve.

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