Let Go (The FASTEST Way to Manifest Your Dream Life)

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The key to you creating your dream life, is not necessarily wiring in. It’s not taking some type of affirmation and adding to it and adding to it. It’s actually more something completely different. This is the switch for me that changed everything. Until to 2017, I was working a nine to five job I hated. I was doing affirmations. I was sitting on the couch thinking about what I wanted but I couldn’t figure it out. Now that’s because the key for this, is this analogy right here. Imagine that this represents your old life. This represents your past. This represents the beliefs, you tell yourself about who you are. The stories you have about the way reality works. Now, what a lot of times we’re doing is to create our dream life. What we are doing is we’re taking, this representing our dream life. And we are starting to fill up this other cup. The thing is, is we can only fill it up so much, because it’s already full of the stories we’ve been telling ourselves.

It’s already full of the negative emotion, maybe we’ve been through. And the challenge is there’s no room to really put the vibe of our dream life. Now that’s why the key to you creating your dream life, is actually letting go of the old. And then as you empty yourself out What you do, is you then allow more space, so that you can fill up your cup of the vibration that you really prefer. This is the biggest key it’s letting go. When you let go of attachment, you then energetically free yourself of the past. And from that point, you then begin to wire in a new reality.

Welcome back to the video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, we are gonna be looking at the key to creating your dream life. And how to really exponentializes the process so it happens quicker than ever. Now, a lot of this has to do with first off the first step. The first step is you must become aware of what was in your cup. So for me, back in 2017, I was working in that job, at Barneys New York, selling woman’s shoes. I’d wear a suit everyday to work. I wasn’t passionate about it. But I thought that that’s how reality, had to be at the basis. You know, think about it. A lot of people go to jobs they hate, not realizing that they are choosing to go to the job that they have a choice. They could choose not to go in the next day. And then normally they’d say, well if I choose not to go when the next day then I’m not gonna have paycheck or money coming in. But the challenge is, that’s what keeps us trapped.

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