LET IN Love INSTANTLY by LETTING GO of these 5 things

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The version of you that is in the ideal relationship, that version of you, it is natural for you to be in it. It is not on a pedestal. That version of you is cool, calm and collected.

And that version of you has let go of things that have been tethering you to the current reality that you may be in.

So whether this is you in a relationship and you wanna go deeper, or whether this is you that’s not a relationship and you want to get into a relationship, the key to really being in alignment is letting go, not wiring in.

The scale of consciousness that I’ve shared in many videos starts at shame, fear, guilt, anger. Eventually it goes up to neutrality.

Then reasoning, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. The key to raising your vibe is that of letting go. It’s not trying to attain a new level.

If you just let go, it naturally raises.

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