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Think of this rock as a form of attachment. Imagine you’re climbing some amazing hike. You’re going on a hike, and you just start picking up these rocks, and you start putting them in your pocket. And before long, you’re halfway along the hike, you feel like you’re weighing down. There’s a whole bunch of resistance, and you wonder why you’re out of breath. Well, that’s because you’ve been picking up rocks, putting them in your pocket, thinking that they’re yours or even thinking that it’s your responsibility to pick up the rocks and to carry them with you on the hike. On the same way, think of letting go as just that. You’re on a hike of life, you are going through life, you’re on this journey, and the things you pick up and you put in your pocket many times aren’t even yours. Just like this rock isn’t even mine. I just picked it up here. It’s Mother Gaia’s.

In the same way you’ll find though that a lot of your limiting beliefs will be that of other peoples. There’s a book that recently came, not recently, I don’t know how… It’s called like… What’s it called? It’s called something like, “It Wasn’t Yours.” I forget, I’ll put the book right here, you can see what book this is. But I’m reading it right now. It’s called the, “It Didn’t Start With You.” Many of the beliefs we have did not start with us. They were part of what we learned growing up, but many times they’re even a part of our own parents. Our parents may have had different patterns growing up, and then what happens is those same patterns kind of leaked on to us, We thought they were ours. Now one of the best parts about understanding this is there’s a lot of scientific research that goes into the epigenetics. Basically as a species, we learn from our parents and from our environment growing up.

The purpose of that is so that we carry on the patterns of our parents so that we can work through it, and then whatever we don’t work through, we give to our kids, and then it keeps going down the line. And the idea is that the more we learn, the more we are able to kind of adapt in a way. Now what happens is, the issues that our parents went through, their patterns that many of us took on, and we thought they were our own, we think they’re ours. But once we realize they’re not really ours and we picked them up from our environment and we picked them up from our parents, from the energy dynamics growing up, it makes it so much easier to let go of, ’cause then we don’t really identify with it as much. So one thing that I’ve been doing recently, I’ve realized that some of the beliefs and the patterns that I have, I absorbed from my dad and some of them I absorbed from my mom. And it’s not like they’re right or wrong, but being aware of them makes it much easier for me to realize why it is that way.

Then when you realize that it’s not yours, it’s so much easier to let go of. And sometimes it even comes from the social conditioning of our environment growing up, like the government or what not. Like I used to believe I had ADHD, therefore, I took Adderall, which the side effects it, you couldn’t eat very much, couldn’t sleep very much. People told me I had that because I have a lot of energy. And then I put that ADHD rock and I put it in my pocket, and I carried it with me and I believed it.

But then what happens is I learned meditation. And when I learned meditation, I learned how to observe my thoughts, and I learned that meditation was in a way to me like looking at this. Me looking at this rock, and then realizing that I had a choice that I could put it down, I didn’t have to continue to carry it with me. So in the same way, the thing that I encourage you to do is to become aware of these beliefs that you have. Become aware of these things that you’ve attached yourself to. The thing is, when you become aware of it, that’s where the power is. When you’re unaware of it, it’s like you’re walking around and you just have those rocks in your pocket. So I know it’s kind of like a metaphor for understanding life, but in general, this is what I’ve realized and understand this too, the only reason it will feel hard for you to let go is because of the reason of the mind as to why you should hold onto the rock or the attachment. That’s why it’s all about awareness.

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