Letting go of Love Blocking Beliefs to Attract your Dream Partner with Mat Shaffer

In this fun episode, my great friend Mat Shaffer and I go deep into the dynamics of how to heal blocks in love and relationships. Additionally, Mat and I share the biggest secrets of magnetic love attraction and how to manifest your ideal partner.

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The dynamics of how we attract certain people into our lives has a lot to do with inner child wounds and trauma that creates certain beliefs. Most of the patterns that appear in our lives come from a certain construct that we deemed to be true in the past when something traumatic happened. Subconsciously, those beliefs are what we attract in people and manifest into reality. In relationships, we tend to attract people who align with our beliefs and the key to breaking that pattern is becoming aware of where they came from in the first place.

When looking at relationship dynamics, some of the things that often surface are the love attachment styles, masculine and feminine energies and identity constructs. In their own ways, each of these concepts has an effect on the way we perceive relationships and love. In this episode, Mat and I talk in depth about all of these topics and more in order to help bring awareness to love blocking beliefs and the best ways to attract your dream partner.

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