Life Coaching Session: Law of Attraction, Losing Weight, Getting a Job Etc.

David J. Coon is a Qigong Master, Life and Fitness Coach, Medical Qigong Master, Martial Arts Instructor, Lecturer, Presenter and Motivational Speaker. He is the Author of Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and

Vitality David offers some insight into the art and skill of journal writing. David shares how journal writing can be used to work The Law of Attraction. How one can use journal writing for self expression, self evaluation and even how to use it to help you lose weight and/ or get a job!

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Abundance and EFT Tapping

When you are actively creating abundance, often you will come up against some sort of block or barrier to your manifesting fast. Usually this shows up as a gap or lag in time. We get impatient, we throw tantrums (I do too) and we even think about giving up on our dreams.

Summer Abundance

I am inspired by summer abundance. If you have issues with abundance then this is the season to really look at your beliefs around abundance.

Manifesting Abundance – Who Do You Hang With?

You’re ready to run as fast as you can. There is only one problem. You’re stuck in a swamp and can only move your legs with great effort. How can you run fast? Get out of the swamp.

Manifesting Abundance – The Role of Fear

The guy is responsible for the company. He has an idea. He thinks it’s a good one.

Manifesting Abundance – What Having Money Does to You

Since you’re reading this I’m going to assume you don’t have as much money as you would like. In fact, I’m assuming you would like a great deal more money than you have. There are numerous reasons you haven’t been manifesting the abundance you want. Most if not all the reasons have to do with belief systems about wealth and people who have it.

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