Life Coaching with David J Coon Law of Attraction Tip #1


In this video David J. Coon gives some life coaching advice related to The Law of Attraction. he relays his first tip in beginning to work with this Law that Jesus and Buddha and others including Jim Carey and Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins have spoken to.

Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists can receive 15 CEU’s for successful completion of several of David’s courses. All students can use these courses toward Qigong Instructor Certification through Qigong Awareness LLC.

Courses are approved by: NCCAOM, CE Broker, TX Medical Board, CA Acupuncture Board approved.

Qigong Master David J Coon, MQM is a Medical Qigong Master Healer. David has been in practice for over thirty years. Master David is approved by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, California Acupuncture Board and others as a Continuing Education provider for Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists.

David is the author of Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality which you can purchase from LULU PUBLISHING at:…

David healed his own spine of a severe degenerative spinal disease that the doctors told him would cripple him by the time he was thirty years old. Through in depth Qigong practices David both healed his spine and became a conduit for a powerful healing current.

“David Coon’s work has been of great benefit to me, both personally and professionally… Through his guidance, I have had a profound experience of energy surging through my body, which I describe as a river of energy that is difficult to put in words. I highly recommend David’s work to anyone seeking a life of greater health and well-being.”

Bill Bergman, M.D., Director, Thrive Community Health

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David offers a monthly program of concentrated long distance Medical Qigong Healing Sessions to those desiring greater health, energy and vitality. Long Distance Qi transmissions will be directed to the auric field, chakras and meridians to balance, revitalize and awaken the body’s own ability to heal itself.

These healing sessions are designed to increase momentum over the course of the month. Each session building on the next…
In the process of healing these energy dynamics a client’s physical body may go through a series of unwinding and release type movements, including, yawning, swallowing and deep breaths.

David J. Coon, MQM, is an internationally-recognized Medical Qigong Master who has been practicing Medical Qigong, meditation, and martial arts for most of his life. He developed his own style of Medical Qigong and has been offering powerful healing experiences to people for over thirty years.

David discovered in his twenties while practicing these Oriental arts that he had a rare gift. Some people refer to Chi as the Force like in the movie Star Wars. David has been channeling this force for, the purpose of, healing now for over thirty years.

Attracting Wealth – What Many Wealth Seekers Don’t Know

How well have you done at attracting wealth? Does it come easily, or do you constantly struggle to make ends meet. Do you frequently wish you had more wealth and prosperity in your life? Here are three things you can implement now to move you toward your goals.

Manifesting Abundance – Bless That Which You Want

What do you feel when someone in a really nice expensive car drives up next to you? Are you happy s/he has that wonderful car…or are you resentful? If you resent nice things you will never have nice things.

Manifesting Abundance – What Do You Think of Rich People?

I can tell you in just a few seconds whether or not you have the capacity for attracting abundance into your life. You’re answer to one little question will signify if you truly wish to manifest wealth.

Ten Things to Appreciate Today

Entrepreneurship is a form of inspirational leadership. Inspirational leadership requires encouragement. Encouragement requires appreciation, both of oneself, of others, and of life’s many blessings. So I encourage you to find ten things to appreciate today.

Abundance Secret – Start You Own Savings Club

You can receive $100 in your bank account every month by starting your very own Savings Club! If you have four friends you guys/gals can get together and form a club. The way that it work is that each person puts $25.00 into a savings account every month. That is a total of $100.00.

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