Techniques to make someone want to come closer, instead of pulling farther away! Veronica talks about falling in love with life and with yourself. Also, about becoming at one with the end result where your specific person wants you, needs you and can’t get enough of you!

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Creating Wealth – Give and It Will Come Back to You

People have a desire to create more wealth in their lives, and they often mistakenly think the most important way of doing this is learning to receive a bunch of stuff. They focus all of their time and energy on what is coming in to them. Although this is part of the equation, they are missing the most important piece, the ability to give, when you give it will be returned to you many fold.

Creating Prosperity – How To Imagine Your Desires to Be True

Everyone has things that they wish and desire to have in their lives. For some it may be money, others love, others that high priced toy they have always wanted. The good news is that you and everyone else can have their desires if they follow a few simple steps and believe.

Introversion and Happiness – Is There a Correlation?

As a very strong introvert on the Myers Briggs scale, and as someone who is very happy, I feel very well qualified to be able to share my wisdom on this category. For a long time I fought against what defined me as an introvert because I game into societal pressures about what I was supposed to think and act like. As soon as I owned the beauty of being an introvert and stopped trying to “fit in” I became much happier.

Having Trouble Increasing Your Fees? It’s Not a Money Issue!

If you are a woman in the healing arts professions, a heart-centered entrepreneur, do you have a lot of trouble increasing your fees and feeling good about it? Do you believe that people really need what you have to offer, yet, you have difficulty increasing your fees for the work you do in helping others?

Tips to Be Happy in Life

There are some simple easy things you can do every day to ensure that you are happy and have a happy life. These do not take a lot of time or energy but that are simple foolproof ways of bringing a smile to your face and creating a more happy life. Some create the environment for happiness and some are simple tools to be happier. Combined they are all simple tips to be happy in life.

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