Listen to this audio TWICE everyday, consecutively. This music sends intent into the universe and allows them to manifest towards you. Headphone usage is highly recommended.

Results vary from few hours, days, weeks or months as everyone is on a different path.

All you have to do is: Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment in a video for the current month. Winner will be announced end of month. Good luck!

(Starting at only £3 with free International shipping!)

Delivered in 24-48 hours of purchase.
£40 for 10 mins (1 question only) 
£65 for 25 mins (Up to 5 Questions)
£99 for 45 mins (Up to 9 Questions)
£120 for 60 mins (Up to 12 Questions)

PAYPAL: Once you have decided which one you would like, please make payment in the Pound Sterling (GBP UK) currency to:
Payments made in other currencies will be refunded.

WESTERN UNION: I also accept Western Union if you are unable to use PayPal, please contact me for if you’d like to pay via Western Union.

UK TRANSFER: If you live in the UK I also accept direct transfer to my account as well. Again, for this option of payment please contact me.

Once payment has been made, please email me at confirming the reading you purchased and provide me with your date of birth (or sun star sign), first name and your questions. If the reading is in regards to other person, please provide me with their first name and date of birth or star sign also.

I will provide you a private link to the recorded video reading. The reading will be provided 24-48 hours after you have paid & questions have been received.

£55 for a heart chakra cleanse
£111 for a full body cleanse
(Cleanses are done in conjunction to your energy, with deep meditations and intentions to clear blockages in the body). For more information on cleanses and how they work please contact me.

DONATIONS – Offerings through the energetic exchange are greatly appreciated! Support this channel and help us to grow with even more readings!


The Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
Everyday Tarot
Mystic Mondays Tarot
Golden Universal Tarot
Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Tarot
After Tarot
Neo Tarot
Work Your Light Oracle Cards
The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Tarot of New Vision
Universal Tarot; Mini Tarot Cards
Fashion Oracle Cards
Kawaii Tarot
Fountain Tarot
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards
Cosmic Woman Tarot
Ok! Tarot
Tarot Made Easy
The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards
Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards
The Magic of Tarot
Tattoo Tarot Ink & Intuition
Art Oracle Cards
The Golden Tarot
Colour Your Own Tarot
Moon Oracle Cards
Keepers of the Light
Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Golden Art Nouveau Tarot Cards
Sacred Spirit Reading Cards
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle

DISCLAIMER: Please remember that all private readings should never replace professional advice of any kind. You are all your own best guides and navigators for making important life decisions. Never under estimate your own ability to make just the right decision in any given situation!

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✨To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. ✨

The You Show! – Unleash Your Inner Power

Most of us have a similar problem. We feel small and often alone in this big limitless universe. We measure what we receive by how big or worthy we feel we are. Yet somewhere in the field of infinite love and possibilities we are seen as already more then we can possibly imagine with our human brains.

Goals Spreadsheet – Do You Know What It Is?

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals you need to have a way of accurately tracking how well you are progressing towards them. By creating a goals spreadsheet you will be able to not only see how you are doing in your movement towards your goals, you will be able to attack the goals in small manageable chunks so you do not get overwhelmed.

The Miracles of Gratitude

What would your life look like if you always looked at your cup half full, no matter what the circumstances? Your life can be filled with miracles everyday when gratitude is a part of your life.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Wealth

If you have a desire to gain wealth the most important thing you can do is to make sure you prepare yourself mentally for the wealth coming your way. Most people believe the key is to either have the investment plan in place or know how you are going to spend it, but before you can do either of those things you must be mentally prepared for the wealth coming your way.

How To Increase Your Unexpected Income

Unexpected income is almost the most fun to receive because it is unexpected and comes as a pleasant surprise. Most people don’t look at everything they receive and consider it to be income. That’s the first thing we want to focus on. Once you begin to recognize what unexpected income is, you must express gratitude for whatever it is, no matter how small it is. Recognition and gratitude when coupled with joy will increase the frequency with which you receive such wonderful surprises.

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